Simple procedure to download and run AWS websex porn viewer software

This software will leads you to the adult material and display the contents of porn and sex related sites, so viewer pls be aware, if you are sensitive or you are under 19 years old, pls leave this page and don't download this software.
To run the AWS websex demo softrware , your operating system need to be a WINXP - WIN8. You also need a common used browser to view the results. (such as firefox (desired), explore, or chorme. latest version is desired. explore 8 or up).


Prior to beginning the download, please decide where you would like to store the download software -a great place is any empty directory in which you have write permission, such as C:\Users\yourName\yourDirectory. After properly saving the software, run the .exe file within the directory. A panel should open that looks like the one below

Read the agreement terms. if it is a paid version, you have to send the code (CP-KRAM700001A7050) at two rows above the agree botton at low corner to AW Service ( with your purchase information, AW service will reply you with an installation key. Upon receiving the installation key, you have to paste the key to the blank field above the agree and verification button. for free version, you don't need to do anythings. In another way to say, AW Service International Corp. will need the security code on the panel, in order to activate your copy of the AWS software. The easiest way to send the code is via e-mail. Include your company (or individual) name and preferred contact e-mail address when sending the code to AW service International Corp. AW Service will reply with the verification or installation key code, which must be copied and pasted into the .exe program verification installation key code area(see the blank field above verification and agree all button on the above window), before you click the verification and agree all button. You will be prompted to restart the program. Now, running the same .exe file will result in a different panel opening.

The installation package is designed to copy a .exe file and a webconfig.conf file into your destination directory. The webconfig.conf file must be in the same directory as the .exe file if you want to use the easy user interface. In the following section are some examples of how to use websex program to access many sex and porn sites etc.

Multiple searches on porn and sex websites

If you are a websex porn and sex viewer, it is necessary to search different "keywords" frequently in order to find the best matched films. To do this you should start the AW Service websex program and type {tube8?(keywords)(1:endingpage:1)} in the website/webpage area multiple times. Clicking -Start Record- will start the tool. Upon completion, click the -Get Results- button, and browser will open your results file such as fresult.html .... fresultn.html. the panel will show how many files are opened. The following pictures appear when you search lade, asian, old man individually with 10 pages of results on use the get results will let you view the search results. for IE user, make sure you open the blocked contents after the windows started.
Now the program will prompt an IE session to show all the results. Because the visual content of sex and porn are very sensitive. we use the jobs search contents instead, it is same for websex. You can download free demo websex software to see the real sex and porn contents.

View the results fresult.html with the browser

View the results fresult2.html with the browser

View the results fresult3.html with the browser

View the results fresult4.html with the browser

Multiple searches on porntube

If you want to search on porntube instead of tube8, you just need to replace the "tube8" keyword with porntube on the webpage list of the user interface. Here is a screenshot of the user interface and multiple porn and sex searches.
View the results fresult4.html with the browser

Searches on different sex and porn sites not in the easy interface

If we perform the search on those sites, you might ask AWS support to give you new webconfig.conf file so you could have more easy interface support. email You also can just paste the URL link address to the system and bookmark the porn and sex sites. if you want to get multiple search results on one site but it is not in the webconfig.conf. you can simply have URL{paginginfo expression } to get pages of information you want. for details about how to have these expressions, refer to the documents after purchase.

Now you can use the Firefox or Explorer ( you can type explorer fresult.html in the dos box or use the file manager) to view the fresult.html in your running directory.
View the results fresult.html with the browser

Porn and sex software applications.

1) Mulitple sex and porn websites contents display with your searchs
2) All web blogger functionalities. 3) All job search functionalities.

P.S. please don't put two languages in one group; if you really would like to try, put the foreign languages site first, then English. This limitation is due to current browser limitations.