Shopping software is free. you can go to different shipping mall since you can load different configurations. User should check our configurations from time to time, since we are adding vendor from time to time.

To download, you have to follow the link and download the .EXE file from AWS, .EXE file with the internet downloading is the same as zip file, difference is it would ask for the info and you have to run the .EXE to extract packages. For different version of Firefox and internet Explorer, or chrome, the download process is a bit different, but remember, when it asks you to save, save it. when it asks you to run, run the .EXE software. Double click the .EXE program from AWS in the saved list or pop out box, run it. you will be lead to the installation. To verify, go to your installation directory, you should see the aw service software.

shopping sites support

The software supports many shopping sites such as qvc,,,,,,,, etc etc

price comparsion sites,

car buying sites, etc.

To download:

Pls go to web shop packages (Win xp and up free version).
How to install and application examples